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Thread: Hope

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    The only thing I can add here is that I do know one woman who has had 9 mc's and still went on to have a healthy baby. I know one other woman who had at least 5, that I know of, and she just gave birth to a healthy boy. It can happen, you just never know. <<hugs>>

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    I am so sorry for you loss. The pain of losing a baby at any stage is not something easily forgotten. I had a MC after already having my 2 daughters so my situation is not the same as yours but a family member has 5 MCs and decided not to try again. She then fell pregnant on contraceptive and went on to have a happy, healthy, full term baby girl! Have hope! Make sure you go see a fertility specialist, having babies isn't always as simple or straight forward a people think it is.
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    So sorry niteowl. Thinking of you. Let yourself grieve and be angry and when you're ready, find your hope again. I am an attorney and many of my collegues waited until their careers were established to start trying and some of them have been on the same painful path you are on. Two women that jump to mind suffered through several losses, but both have toddlers now. Every baby is a miracle and such a blessing, but just think how amazing yours will be when it happens. Hugs.

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    I am so sorry Niteowl!!!

    I suffered a miscarriage at 9 weeks in March. I needed a D&C, because my body Loves being pregnant. I went through fertility treatments with my son who will be 5 this summer, as well as this last pregnancy. It's so hard. And it seems like everyone has had one! I sad at dinner and learned that of the 4 of us, 3 of us have miscarried at least once. I have known these women for 15 years, and we see each other at least once a month for 8 years. And we still didn't know, until I spoke up. Why are miscarriages so Taboo???

    I have 2 friends, one lost 9 babies before her first. She finally had testing, and all she needed was a baby aspirin a day to thin her blood enough to sustain a pregnancy - she now has 2 boys, 7 and 4 yrs old. The other lost 13 babies, including a set of triplets within hours of birth. Through modern medical science, she now has a 3 yr old daughter.

    If you want to carry your own child, then follow that path. If you want to adopt, then choose that path. Or follow both. But I have faith that you will find your path to motherhood.

    good luck!
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    I'm so sorry, niteowl. Sending my prayers, thoughts,'ll get through this and there will be better days ahead.
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