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    Crossing between Olde World and New


    My husband is German and I am American. Although we are based in the U.S., we spend a good amount of time in Germany for work and family and our children are being raised bilingually. So...we need a name that transitions well between Germany and the U.S for our baby boy. We have a two year old daughter named Rosalyn, which is a combination of her grandmothers' names, Rosemarie and Lynda.

    We are also thinking about using family names for baby boy: Hans Angelo Schmidt

    What do you think? Hubbie LOVES it and doesn't understand my hesitation about raising a child in the U.S. called Hans. Is it too Olde World? Honest, first impression opinions please!

    Angelo comes from my (Italian) grandfather and is non-negotiable.

    Thank you! Danke! Grazie!

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    I want to like it, but I've heard too many Hans/hands jokes to take it seriously...

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    It's not that Hans is too "olde world," it's that Hans is so very German, and Angelo so very Italian.
    That said, there's something nice about a melting-pot name.

    Hans Angel would be very modern-sleek.. a good name for a Dutch fashion designer maybe.
    Johannes might be a nice long-form for Hans. I think it's graceful, and not quite as bluntly German-sounding. Ansel is beautiful too, though Ansel Angelo is a mouthful.

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    For me it seems a very steroe typical german name. NOT that that is always bad... But i'm not a hugs fan!

    I like the suggestion of Johannes nn Hans a bit better..

    What about these German suggestions?

    Matthaeus nn. Matt
    Rainier nn. Ray
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    I'm with you in the German-American boat (I'm first generation American).
    Hans is actually my uncles name. The German Hahn-z is quite nice but the English hAn-ce drives me up the wall, it's too hissy. (I strongly prefer Johann after Johann Sebastian Bach over Hans which I find reminds many Americans of Hansel & Gretel).

    There really are some great names that translate better and would work with the Italian side of your family.
    I strongly believe the closer the pronunciations are to one another the happier you'll be in the long run. My mom looked for names that worked in German, English and French for me and I'm happy with Alexandra except when my French relatives forget to pronounce the -a).
    For a boy I particularly like Hector, Vincent, Felix and Oskar but Theodor and Sebastian are very handsome cross-pond names that work equally well in both languages. (Also Julian, Henry, Erich, and Emmett).
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