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    We're Almost There- Help!!!

    Hi Everyone!

    I posted quite a while back about possible names for baby #4, and the feedback was so helpful- thank you!!! I think my husband and I have a girl's name pretty much figured out, but we are still in need of a boy's name. We will not know the gender until birth. Our children's names are Isabelle, Owen and Ethan. What would you pair as a brother with these three names??? So far, we are considering Aaron, Aiden ( I know, SO popular), Isaac and Levi. Please help, we're stuck!!!!

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    I like Isaac the best out of the options you've listed. It has 2 syllables and flows well with your other kids names. I also like Aaron but think Aaron and Owen are too similar.
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    I like all the names you've listed:

    Aaron - Great name. Aaron and Owen might cause an occasional wrong child responding but said aloud they really aren't that similar.
    Aiden - Popular but for a reason. BUT Ethan is even more popular in the US so if you love it, why not use it.
    Isaac - I think I like this best! Love the name, sounds wonderful with the other names, repeats the I but sounds entirely different
    Levi - Okay, I'll be honest. My favorite name but its also my grandson's name. BUT it just doesn't flow quite as nicely and I like the vowel sounds of Isabelle, Owen, Ethan and Isaac or Isabelle, Owen, Ethan and Aiden together.

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    Thank you for your opinions! After a long discussion last night, I think we have narrowed it down to Aaron and Isaac. My husband's favorite is Isaac, my only concern is that our last name ends in -ck. Would that sound weird with Isaac? And Aaron is my favorite at the moment. So, what do you think? Isabelle, Owen, Ethan and Aaron or Isabelle, Owen, Ethan and Isaac? Any other boy's names we aren't thinking of that would sound great with Isabelle, Owen and Ethan??? Thank you for all of your help!

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    Are you hoping to stick with a vowel theme?

    I do think the double -ck sound might mak Isaac sound a little sing-songy. Of your list, I like Aaron the most. But with Aaron,all three boys' names would end with the -en sound, which is a bit repetitive.

    Similar in feel:

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