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    When my little brother was little (5ish?) we would play house and his kids were always John and Sarah. My other brother is named Sam, he'd 12 and says his first daughter will be named Samantha
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    My 4-year old niece is obsessed with the names Penelope and Violet
    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

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    My little sister (aged 11) likes Lauren Alouette and wants to name her daughter that I can up with Alouette though. For a boy she doesn't care she also likes Florence and Vera (which is a cousins ex girlfriend). My brother doesn't show an interest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by amandagracew View Post
    A little boy named Evan in my kindergarten class said he wants to name his son Leven as it rhymes with eleven and Evan. When asked what his daughters name would be he said he'd name her Sarah.
    LOL that made me laugh so much. Dom doesn't have favorite names per se (except he loves Mordecai at the moment) but he always asks me what everyone's name is and then either says "That a nice name" or is silent. I've learned not to ask "Isn't that a nice name?" if he doesn't answer because that means he doesn't like it (he generally asks when we are checking out at the store so I'd hate to accidentally offend anyone) haha. For fun I like to ask him his opinion on random names, and sometimes I read the interesting ones from movie credits to him. He'll give straight answers and say yes he likes them or no he doesn't but silly me I haven't been keeping a list to see if any of them are consistent. =]
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    When I was pregnant, DD suggested all the top ten most common girl names. She just came up with them & had no idea how popular they were.
    My son suggested names of Pokemon.
    So my belly was dubbed "Sophie Pikachu."
    (The baby is named Charlotte.)

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