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    I babysat my niece & nephew again this morning and with this thread in mind, I asked them what they'd call their baby if they had one. My 7 year old nephew said Oliver or Megan and my 5 year old niece said Barbie & Ken. (haha!)
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    My daughter is very into names for the new baby, she likes place names, not all of them very nice (shakes head disapprovingly). She suggests: Paris, Georgia, Indiana and Arizona. Arizona is really growing on me! And then she likes Oslo, Tennessee and Moscow for a boy... she has a map by her bed. She also like Evangeline and Evelina, her favourite bear is called Evaliana...

    My son really like Max, Mads, and Pandabear apparently, more accurately fwuffy panbear...
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    naomi - Arizona is my daughters middle name A while after she was born I considered switching it to Arizona Fable because I love it so much but we decided not too. I'm glad we didnt now but I still love Arizona!

    F&A name dolls. That's about it. We've had dolls called Timmy, York, Ollie, Spike, Wendy, Maddie, Kate & Pippa. I think they get them from TV shows because we don't know any one called any of these names! They're only almost 3, too. I'm proud of their naming abilities so far!

    - They also have a painting of 3 cats on their wall that used to be my grandma's but we hung it in their room because the colours match with their theme and my nephew named them Polly, Molly & Holly. Cute.
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    A little boy named Evan in my kindergarten class said he wants to name his son Leven as it rhymes with eleven and Evan. When asked what his daughters name would be he said he'd name her Sarah.

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    I don't have kids, but I just asked my twelve-year-old brother. He got all embarrassed and wouldn't answer haha. )

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