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    Names my kids like.

    My newly four year old told me he will name his kids Logan and Jennifer. How about yours?
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    They aren't my kids, but ones I care for. The boy just told me yesterday he wants to change his name to Isaiah and he is also fond of the name Gordon and Junior, and his sister names all her toys either Callie, Carla or Carly.
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    haha that's a lot better then when my kids were that age, my son wanted a boy named batman. now my son's (age7) fave name is Duncan. my daughter(age9) fave name is Elissia, and other frilly names.
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    My 5 year old, Isabella, is actually really into names. She regularly points out her like or dislike for names she encounters. I guess you could even say that she named our younger daughter, Vanessa. She was obsessed with the name Vanessa for a while before I got pregnant. At some point all of her dolls and stuffed animals were named Vanessa. Whenever we would ask her what we should name her little sister, she would insist that her name had to be Vanessa. I guess it kind of grew on us and we couldn't see this baby as anything other than a Vanessa. Recently, Isabella came home and told me that she wants a baby brother named Meyer. She doesn't have a Meyer in her class, so I have no idea where that name came from.
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    I don't have kids, but my younger sister told me the other day that Hayden is her favorite name for a girl. :/

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