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    Exclamation Desperate need of HELP! Thoughts/Suggestions on our list

    My husband and I are having a HORRIBLE time trying to come up with a name for our little boy due 9/4/13.
    Our first child, a girl, is now 2 and is named Addison Anne (after my husbands deceased mother) Ray. We loved her name instantly, but for some reason cannot "connect" with any boys names. Our short list so far is:

    Griffin (nn Finn... we both love Finn, but Finn Ray sounds a little ridiculous)
    Maxwell (nn Max)
    Calvin (nn Cal)
    Whittaker (nn Whit)
    Sawyer (I LOVE, hubby HATES)
    and possibly Bennett, although I really dislike the nn Ben, which I know everyone will call him.

    Any thoughts on these names/suggestions? Also looking for some middle name suggestions that would go with these.


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    Griffin - I agree that Finn Ray is different sounding
    Maxwell nn Max - I like this one and it goes well with sister Addison
    Calvin nn Cal - This one is okay
    Whittaker nn Whit - This one is pretty neat
    Sawyer - I do love Sawyer too, sorry that your husband hates it, I have plenty of names on my list that my husband already vetoed and we are just discussing TTC haven't started trying yet
    Bennett - Love, love, love. If you don't like Ben as a nn how about Benny?

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    Thank you jtucker for your thoughtful response! I too LOVE Bennett, specially since I am a huge Pride and Prejudice fan, but Ben/Benny ruin the name for me Maxwell and Whittaker are probably my 2 favorites, so it is nice to see the positive response to those! I am trying to make myself love Griffin, since I so badly want to use the name Finn

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    Hi Robyn,
    I noticed that Addison has a middle name; what will the little guy's middle name be?
    Because he may be Griffin "Finn" middle name inserted here Ray
    which may make Finn and Ray not so close together when said?
    Could a "suitable" middle name alleviate the problem?

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    IMO all your names are nice. I feel that any nickname with one syllable will sound a little awkward with a one syllable surname. Do you use Addie for your little girl? Maybe you can find a two syllable nickname for the boy. Bennie? Vinnie? Or something that doesn't nn easily, like Sawyer.

    Griffin - nice strong name, Finn Ray sounds no worse that Max Ray or Whit Ray!
    Maxwell - I would prefer Finn Ray to Max Ray! and Max seems very popular
    Calvin - I love Calvin! Cal Ray? Once again, better than Max Ray!
    Whittaker - so cute! I like this name,
    Sawyer - out if husband hates
    Bennett - If you dislike Ben, remove from list

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