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    There's a Lee in my dad's band! He's the drummer and he's awesome so I like the name cause I have a positive association with it. I think it would be really cute on a little boy and I know that it ages well too And, if you love it for the family associations then I would totally say go for it. I think any name is usable really if it has a really strong meaning/association to you, especially if it's from family.
    My Favorites:

    Colette Leona. Alice Evanna. Mabel Verity. Aurelia Esme. Rosalie Raine.

    Jack Jeffrey. Carson Luke. Felix James. Leo Patrick. Axel White.


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    I like Lee. It's a very overlooked name, and I would love to see it used. Like Ashley mentioned, Lee has a rugged cowboy image that gives it an extra boost of strength. Look for something at least two syllables for the middle name, but preferably longer.

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    I think Lee is a good, strong boy's name. For the middle name, you would want more than one syllable!

    For example:
    Lee Michael
    Lee Benjamin
    Lee Everett
    Lee Edward

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    It's okay. A little boring for my taste, but usable. For me, being in China, it seems strongly like a Chinese surname (I know hundreds of people with the family name 'Lee'). Also, my grandma, great grandma and two aunts all have the middle name Lea (pronounced Lee), think that used to be one of the most common female 'filler' middle names of a generation or two ago.
    What about Leland or Leander or one of the Leo/Leon names or Stanley, with the NN Lee.

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    I like Lee a lot. Refreshing, and so.. free!

    I must advise against Love for a girl, at least in the first name spot. I have a friend whose ex-girlfriend is named Love, and at one point there was a lot of "Love stinks, Love hurts, Love stole my favorite teeshirt and left me brokenhearted..."

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