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    Claudia or Cecily ? Really can't decide.

    Cecily Fiona
    Claudia Celeste
    Claudia Lorelei

    I've been through several names but Cecily and Claudia never really left the list. Cecily isn't in the top 1000 and Claudia is in the 500's so they are both uncommon enough for my liking. I live in an area with a lot of jaden, Bentley, braiden and Caden's and a lot of haylee, kaylee, Madison, mckennas and brinleys. So fortunately for me I have a naming style not common regionally where I live. In 2011 no one or at least less than five people in my state were born with these names.

    In your opinion which is best of the three combinations.

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    I absolutely LOVE Cecily. I think it is super adorable, and i love that it's pretty uncommon, but still easy to pronounce and spell. I don't really dislike Claudia, but I don't like it either. It just seems a little too boring to me. I would go with Cecily Fiona.
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    For me Claudia feels dated but Cecily is adorable and rare and adore the nn Cece!

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    Cecily Fiona! LOVE Cecily. I have never really liked Claudia, and I know a horrid one, so the name is ruined for me.
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