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    It's a modern choice.
    I like it.
    Adalyn does sound a bit like "madelyn" without a "M" to me. Sadly a bit like Elodie- which as much as I love it sounds like Melody.
    I think you may get spelling troubles- Adelyn, Adeline, Adaline etc
    Possibly pronounciation issues- I would say it as "ad-a-lyn" but a PP thought it was ADA-lyn

    That said, I like it.
    I have a soft spot for Mackenzie too. Agree on the 'c'.
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    Lovely choice - goes well with your other sons names and fits your style well I would personally spell it Adeline Mackenzie but that is just personal preference.

    P.S if you are worried about pronunciation - which is why some people choose the Adalyn spelling - think Madeline - rhymes with Adeline, I think people would pronounce it just as easily

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    We are wanting the Add-a-lyn pronunciation. I like the spelling Adeline but I do not want the "line" ending. I'm not picky on the Makenzie thing I have no problem with Mackenzie.

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