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    Question Adriana vs Alena, and meanings.

    Love them both, but can't bring myself to cross one of the list.

    Adriana - My dad's middle name, I've always loved it, can get the nn Ari (in my mind at least), has a fun and energetic look to it. However, the meaning "From Hadria" has no relevancy to my life whatsoever....though I do love all things Italian.

    Alena - Beautiful name, three syllables, easy to say, has a urbane look to it, love the meaning "Light". However, not many nicknames I care for from it, has a bit of a whiny sound to it, not as energetic as I'd hope.

    I'm pretty big on meanings, so the "From Hadria" thing keeps lurking in the back of my mind, and prevents me from committing to it, however I really do love it so I can't cross it off.
    Alena is lovely, but it has a touch whiny sound to it, and there's just something holding be back from committing, but I love it too much to completely cross off.


    EDIT: After much thought I've decided to turn my focus away from Alena. I'm contemplating Elena but prn Elle-en-nah. Other A name suggestions are very welcome!
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    I have the same issue with Alina... It sounds a little whiny. However, since you're big on meanings, Alena wins. What a beautiful meaning to give a child.
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    I think Adriana is definitely the way to go. Alena does sound really whiny.

    How about...
    Aletta- noble- Allie
    Alanna- cheerful- Allie, Lana
    Adira- strong- Addie
    Aviana- bird- Avi, Vi, Ana
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    I'd chose Adriana. The meaning I've always heard, quite unusually, is dark. Quite a contrast with Alena.
    I think that it being your father's middle name is meaning in and of itself.
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