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    Older boy's name with southern flair

    Hi there, I'm new-ish around here and am expecting #3. This time around, I'm not finding anything that I love and could use some help!
    We already have Hugh Augustin James and Georgiana Claire Evangeline. They go almost exclusively by Gus and Georgiana. I really like older sounding names with a southern flair (we live in the south). I like British names, too.
    We don't want another G name, and our last name is similar to Shafer.

    My current list for boys is:
    Garner - not sure how I feel about names ending in -er with a last name like Shafer.
    Rupert - is this one usable outside of the UK?
    Beau - too little to stand on its own?
    Edmund - Love this one, but don't want it shortened to Ed. I like Ned, though.
    Robinson - I want to honor my dad, Robert, and was thinking about using his name as a middle name. This one means "son of Robert", though, so it could work as a first. Rupert is also a form of Robert.

    I'm open to suggestions and would love to see what y'all think of my current list and what you can come up with! Thanks so much!

    Link to my girls' names post:

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