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    Do you think the name Theron would be mispronounced a lot?

    I asked about the name on yahoo answers my last pregnancy and only four people answered my question about whether or not they liked it and one said they had no clue how to pronounce. And said their best guess was "throne" or "thur-en"

    The name is pronounced Thair-en rhymes with Sharon. How would you pronounce it if you didn't know the actual way. It's one of our contenders and as much as I was hung up on the nick name issue I dislike terry and Ron or Ronnie, I'm trying to be hopeful that since Theron is so short that they will jus use Theron or maybe theo which we like and isn't too much of a stretch.

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    Like Charlize Theron?
    I think she's popular enough that you could easily say "like the actress" and most people would get it.
    Of course misspelling the name might help but that just silly.

    My second thought is Theon Greyjoy from (Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones).
    I can see how people would try to pronounce it The-ron instead as GoT is fairly popular and probably be many a person's first reference.

    Honestly, I think I'd nn a Theron Tee instead of Ron/Ronny or Terry all of which lack the flair.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lexiem View Post
    Like Charlize Theron?
    I think she's popular enough that you could easily say "like the actress" and most people would get it..
    Yeah, I'd think so, too. I'm not a fan, mostly because it's so linked to Charlize Theron for me...
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    I pronounce it "THAIR-on", which is different than Sharon in my head. But I quite like it.
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    With Charlize out there, I am guessing many people would be apt to pronounce it as she pronounces her name. That was my first instinct. If I had to write it out, it would be THAIR-on.
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