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    Older name with southern flair

    Hi there, I'm new-ish around here and am expecting #3. This time around, I'm not finding anything that I love and could use some help!
    We already have Hugh Augustin James and Georgiana Claire Evangeline. They go almost exclusively by Gus and Georgiana. I really like older sounding names with a southern flair (we live in the south). I like British names, too.
    We don't want another G name, nothing with "Anne" or "Anna" b/c of Georgiana, and our last name is similar to Shafer.

    My current list for girls is:
    Magnolia - not sure if this is *actually* usable.
    Constance - I don't want this to get shortened to Connie, but don't know what alternative nicknames would be.

    I'm also open to double first names, as they are pretty common around here and I think they're very girly and southern. Some that I like:
    Mercy _____ (possibly Kate?)
    Verity June
    Mary Hampton (Hampton is a family name)

    I'm open to suggestions and would love to see what y'all think of my current list and what you can come up with! Thanks so much!

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