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Thread: Sanna

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    Sanna is the Scandinavian version of Susannah - but what do youall think of use ing Sanna to honor both a Suzy and a Donna? It seems like it is a combination of both names so do you think this could work or is that just cheesy? Also, do you think the name Sanna goes with my sons name Callum?
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    Sanna almost sounds like Santa to me. I just don't find it pleasing to the ear. I don't think it matches Callum well.
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    I see this name & say Sanna like it rhymes with Anna (ann-uh). Not sure if that's the proper pronunciation.

    I think it could work as a Suzy/Donna smush with legitimacy behind it.

    Do you have Scandinavian heritage as well?

    I think it goes fine with your sons name.

    I think that where I live no one would give you a weird look for this name, but in more rural areas people might be like, "Savannah?" "Santa?" "Sandra?" so if you can handle that I say go for it, but that unfamiliar aspect might make it a tougher name to wear.

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    I'm torn by this name. Upon hearing it, I think of either the word 'sana' which is 'healthy' in Spanish. Or my mind wants to add onto it and say san-itation.
    So yeah, not for me.

    I think other good ideas to honor both of those names would be:

    Sonya/ Sonja
    Dana or Danna (Day-na and Dan-uh)

    Yes, stretches... but they have similar letters and sounds to Suzy and Donna without being as out there.
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    Daisy connects Suzy & Donna and is a really nice choice.

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