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    If you heard these names...

    what would you think?

    Aurelia Everly Mercer-I would rather not use Aurelia because of the ia ending. I would rather have a more unisex ending.

    Avalon Everly Mercer-Avalon doesn't sound right with Everly.

    Also, if any names come to mind that would sound nice with Mercer, let me know.

    I'd like them to be mythological or literary, please.
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    With floaty Everly, I'd want the first name to have more bite.. especially since your last name is somewhat simple and square-sounding. Aurelia and Avalon are so fey. How about:

    Diane Everly Mercer
    Thalia Everly Mercer
    Cassandra Everly Mercer
    Sylvia Everly Mercer
    Victoria Everly Mercer
    Iona Everly Mercer
    Serena Everly Mercer (I think S names sound nice with Mercer)
    Selena Everly Mercer

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    I'd actually love to hear of a little Aurelia.
    Avalon and Everly do nothing for me, and I don't care for them together, sorry. I wouldn't say anything about an Avalon Everly, but if someone said, "My daughter is named Aurelia Everly," awkward IA-E sounds one right after the other, I'd gush over Aurelia for sure.

    For mythological or literary names which are, or could be more easily gender-neutral:
    Kleio (not gender neutral, but it doesn't look overtly feminine)
    ... Cymbelline? lol it sounds pretty! I can't help it.
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    I actually love Mercer as a first name, it's on my top 5 list! I like Everly better than either first name.

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