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    What are you thoughts on these names?

    What do you think of the names of my school year group?

    Caitlin Anne B
    Sophie Margaret H
    Rosie Louise A (Rosie is her full first name)
    Kayleigh-Anne W
    Megan M (No middle name)
    Danielle Elizabeth S
    Sara Beth M (She pronounces Sara the same as Sarah not so it rhymes with Cara)
    Ellie Indiana C (Ellie is her full first name)
    Kathleen R (No middle name)

    William George D
    Caleb James L
    Matthew Thomas B
    Connor John H
    Eli Sage B (Just Eli not Elias or Elijah)
    Jordan Cameron M
    Colin Ross C
    Andrew William J
    Cameron John B

    We were all born in either 1998 or 1999 and live in Scotland.

    Thanks in advance.

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