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    seazuno, haha on the cool initials for a 'Q' middle name.
    I agree, taz, about not overdoing it with a Grecian or sporty middle name. ha!
    I like all the suggestions. I think Rose also is nice, along with Alice. Helen is another possibility as it is my mother in law's name. She is from Greece and I'm hoping she will love our choice of Olympia! We have not told them yet. Waiting till my ultrasound.

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    Also, it could be a boy. Forgot to mention.

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    I get two images with this name. One is my 80 year old Mexican grandmother. And the other is the state capital. It just doesn't feel fresh enough for use in my opinion. I don't know what it is about it.... that's just me though.
    Though I will admit the nn Ollie is pretty damn adorable.

    Alice, Jane and Claire are definitely my favorites of the middle name choices. They make for the best flow.
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    I love the name Olympia and I am glad to see it is getting some love!

    Olympia Margaret
    Olympia Helen
    Olympia Willow
    Olympia Jasmine
    Olympia Mary
    Olympia Jane
    Olympia Eleanor

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