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    Help me find a mn for Alexandria


    My husband and I finally decided on a first name that we both love, Alexandria. We both also like the nn Lexi (spelled this way because my husband thinks all the original letters need to be in the nn). I had some initial reservations on the name because I have a nephew with the middle name of Aleksander but we never really see them and I didn't want my bil to think that I was naming him after his son.

    So onto mn suggestions!

    I think it should probably be at least two syllables to balance out the 5 in the fn and 3 in our ln. We don't like nature names but don't mind being a little daring in the middle spot. We were trying to think of aviation names since that is my husband's field of work, but couldn't find any we liked (ex. Piper). He also suggests for every mn Ann. It is my mn, his sister's mn and his mother's mn. It is just too boring and overused for me.

    For help on style, some of the names we discussed and one or both of us liked were: Serafina (too close to a previous gf of his), Madeline (just didn't feel right), Elise, Emmeline, Mackenzie, Hailey, and Ava.

    Edit to add Charlotte as a name considered before but ex SIL used it, and new SIL used Charlie for a girl
    TIA for your help berries!
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    I really like the name Piper. So I think Alexandria Piper could be great...

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