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Thread: Blog name help!

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    Philosophy of Mom is a tad stodgy. I really love Balancing Budgette.

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    'Philosophy of Mom' sounds a bit more contemplative than it sounds you'd like to be.

    If you place the words 'political' or 'politics' too prominently then your blog will sound like it's *about* politics, as in national politics, not mommy-wars talking points. Likewise, if you put you're daughter's name/nickname prominently in the title it will sound like a prototypical mommy blog (you know, "look what adorable things my little angel did today, I am SO BLESSED"-type stuff).


    You could play on something militaristic to emphasize the take-no-prisoners attitude many mothers have on these topics:

    - World War Brood
    - I'm a Mother, Not a Fighter
    - A Shot in the Dark
    - Hostile Territory
    - Motherhood is a Force Multiplier
    - Falling into the Boobie Trap

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    Blade, I think you nailed the balance I'm trying to achieve. Thank you so very much - excellent suggestions!!

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