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Thread: Blog name help!

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    Blog name help!

    Hi all,

    Not sure if this is the right forum for this request, but here I go:

    I just quit my job to become a SAHM to my 5 month old and I'd like to start blogging so I have some sort of intellectual outlet. My blog will be personal, obviously, but will also focus on the politics of motherhood - e.g., workplace policies, parental leave, daycare, breastfeeding v. formula feeding, etc. So I want to make sure the blog name isn't too cutesy (e.g., no "mommy" in the title), but I want it to be catchy! I'm just terrible at this sort of thing - I've been brainstorming for weeks and can't come up with anything good. Here are some examples of EXISTING blog names I like:

    School of Smock
    One Bad Mother
    Fearless Formula Feeders
    Subversive Mom

    Any suggestions would be so greatly appreciated! My husband suggested the name "superbudge" (we call our daughter "budge"), in response to which I just stared at him blankly.


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    hehe Superbudge is cute. What's your daughter's name? That would be fun to do a spin on.

    I know a lot of people doing this sort of thing. If it's mostly going to be about the politics involved in motherhood (which is FASCINATING to me, so when you get this started, definitely let me know) then do a spin on that.

    Political Motherly
    Parenting Politic
    Policy Baby
    Babying Politics
    Budge for President
    Balancing Budgette (This is my favorite)

    And on and on and on. If it's going to be more day-to-day activities based, with just a bit of the harder stuff, Superbudge is actually adorable.

    Babying Budge
    Not Budging
    Budding Budge
    To Budge or Not to Budge

    Sorry, Budge is too much fun to play with. But it's good to have a basis like that, to keep things interesting; otherwise you don't have a lot to work with.
    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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    I'll try:
    Mothering Mayhem
    Politics of Parenting
    Politics of playdates (if you're not in America, don't use this)
    Parent Politicians
    Mother's Political Parenting
    I like alliteration...

    @celianne- to budge or not to budge is great!
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    Question - what do you think about philosophy of mom for a name? Too stodgy?

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    Thank you so much! Love some of these - I especially like Policy Baby. It's a cute play on words and captures both aspects of the blog well.

    I like alliteration, too.

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