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    Quote Originally Posted by bellababy View Post
    Alexandra (nn Alexa)
    Julianna (would be nice to keep the double-letter trend going!) (nn Julia)
    You could turn Alexandra into Alessandra nn Alessa for the double-letter thing. It would be in a very different place and does sound a bit more like Vanessa but it's an option.
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    More great suggestions!
    Evelyn has been really growing on me lately. I love the nn Evie. I also love Charlotte (nn Lottie) and have a soft spot for Ophelia. I also really like Elianna with my girls' names.
    For boys, I love Leonardo (nn Leo), William (nn Liam) and Charles.
    For boys, although I really like Phineas and Edward, I cannot use them. If I use Phineas, then all three of my kids' names will be from the show Phineas and Ferb. If I use Edward, all three names will be from Twilight. I have already been asked if the show or saga inspired my sibset! haha
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    I like the idea of keeping the double letter theme going with a 3rd girl. Charlotte, Julianna, or Juliette are suggestions that I think work really well with your sibset. Some other possibilties:

    Isabella, Vanessa, and

    Bettina (Betti/y, Tina)
    Camilla (Cami, Milly, Milla)
    Collette (Letty)
    Elisabetta (Elsie)
    Emmeline (Emmie)
    Glorianna (Glori, Gloria, Anna)
    Jessamine (Jessie)
    Lucille (Luci)
    Millicent (Milly)
    Philippa (Pippa)
    Roxanne (Roxy)
    Susannah (Susie)

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    casilayne Guest
    Carissa (Rissa) and Miranda (Mira) came to my mind first.

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