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    This excites me!!

    I'm not particularly close to having children yet but in a conversation with my mom yesterday she brought up how she liked the name Persephone and thought it was really cool. I wouldn't actually use Persephone because the nn Seph/Sef is pretty clear in there and that's the nickname of my best friend's little girl but she wants to recommend it to my brother who loves out there names.

    Anyway because she mentioned Persephone I finally managed to reveal to someone my love for the name Pandora and to my amazement she liked it!!! I've loved it for a while now but haven't told anyone close to me because I think they will give me odd looks. However, this has given me high hopes that I might one day actually be able to name my daughter...

    Pandora Alice Winter

    Just thought I'd share my excitement lol!!
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    Always a buzz when people give positive feedback for a name you love.

    Sounds like your mum is pretty cool.
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    It's the little things that get me excited too!
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    That is awesome! When I found out my sister didnt think I was crazy for wanting to use "Sunday" I was on a high- my mom still gives me the "please dont use that name" look. But she gives that to me when I wear something trendy or when I first mentioned a peacock theme for my wedding (which turned out beautifully as i know Sunday would haha!)
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    I love Persephone too, but seeing it used in a few birth announcements and seeing how many people on here like it and on other name boards, I am afraid it will get popular

    Pandora is awesome. I was reading a book the other day where the author dedicated it to someone named Pandora. Pandora Alice Winter is amazing.
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