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Thread: Gloria?

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    I think it would be very refreshing to see it on a young girl. But the first thing that came into my head when reading the post was "Glooooooooooooooooooooooooooooria, Hosanna in excelsis!"

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    I'm sorry, I see it as very dated as well as very religious. I've never met one under the age of 80, and like charlieandperry says, it's frequently sung in church hymns and that, so I would expect a Gloria to belong to a very religious family and/or named after her grandmother/great-grandmother.

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    Gloria is an older vintage type name, but very pretty!

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    I like it! I have a friend around 30 years old named Gloria. I never really considered that it was an older name. I think it would be adorable on a little girl. I think the only people who realize a name is dated are parents and grandparents. Kids don't put much thought into that kind of thing. When I met my friend, we were in college, and it still didn't phase me at all. Love the name!
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    I love the name Gloria! It's very pretty sounding to me and is vintage, which I love. I tend to like names that are "older" though.

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