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Thread: Gloria?

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    This is a name I've really liked for a while, what do you guys think?
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    Gloria is fantastic! It is kind of in a category which some would consider dated, but that doesn't really matter. I could see it on a girl/woman of any age, it has the perfect balance of sophistication and spunk. I would use it for sure, but I have an aunt who I never really knew who died and this was her name, I feel like my family would feel uncomfortable about me using it. But because of that I would be over the moon to hear of a new little Gloria.

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    I like Gloria! Cute vintage sounding very sweet for a little girl

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    I love to here somebody considering Gloria, I think it's beautiful
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    Gloria is my MIL's name. I have thought for years about using it or incorporating it somehow in a baby girls name. I like the name, I think it falls in the vintage category, and it's cute.. Love the nn "Glory", but I don't feel it's a classic, and I can see it hitting a trendy wave and then fading again....
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