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    Yolandi or Lottie with Dolan?

    Hi All!!
    My husband & I are expecting our first baby in October. I have a strong feeling it's a girl and have been struggling to find names I like the sound of with our last name, Dolan.

    After much debating I'm thinking but Luke isn't sold on

    Yolandi Mae Dolan.

    What are people's thought's on this?? Too much of a mouthful? I think it's adorable & such great nick name possibilities! Some other names we had on the cards but didn't think they sounded as good with Dolan

    Lottie Dolan
    Mia Dolan
    Minnie dolan
    Molly Dolan

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    Hmm, not sure about Yolandi. I've never heard it before. I have heard Yolanda. It was kind of a joke name between me and my friends when we were young, so I have a hard time taking it seriously. Nothing wrong with it, just my past experience with the name. I just can't quite decide how I feel about Yolandi. I guess my first reaction was that I don't like it. But if you and your husband do, that's what matters. I don't think there is anything specifically problematic about it. My favorite from your list is Lottie. I think it's so cute! Not a huge fan of Sue, but it works ok. Good luck!
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    Yolandi is Afrikaan for Yolanda I love that it means violet. nn Yoli, Yoyo, Ollie so many possibilities. Yes Lottie was always a favorite but together, Lottie Dolan sounds like too many L's & O's to me?? Not set on middle names yet... Love your dog's name Scout Whit32!

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    Yolandi Mae is very cute. I also like Mia and Lottie.

    Yolandi Mae
    Yolandi Mia
    Mia Yolandi
    Lottie Mae

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