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    And here is a question... who thinks Corbin is too similar to Colten? I really really love Corbin, but I wonder about that...
    ~Marilyn~ mama of Colten James, Chase Michael, and Wyatt Daniel born 05/16/2013!
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    ~Marilyn~ mama of Colten James, Chase Michael, and Wyatt Daniel born 05/16/2013!
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    I think Corbin would work but then you'd really be locked into C names. I think Cooper, Hank, Jasper, Harvey, Jesse, and Wyatt would all go with your other guys.
    Harvey Robert
    Jesse Daniel (JD?)

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    I think it's kinda tricky, really. If he's your last, and the 1st 2 have C names... then it's a bit odd. Like maybe he was an afterthought... However, if you plan to have more, I highly recommend breaking the trend. Okay, so Colten and Chase... If your name ends with an N, it might be better to steer away from names ending with an N (my personal preference).

    Dominic Robert
    Stanton Daniel
    Spencer Daniel
    Max Robert
    Heath Robert
    Grey Daniel
    Aron Robert
    Asher Daniel
    Archer Daniel
    Brody Robert
    Brady Robert
    Everett Daniel
    Devin Robert
    Elliott Daniel
    Alec Robert
    Anthony Robert
    Beckett Daniel
    Bennett Daniel
    Blaise Robert
    Booker Daniel
    Brooks Daniel
    Burke Daniel
    Dallas Robert
    Dante Robert
    Drake Robert
    Blake Robert
    Forrest Daniel
    Finley Robert
    Fisher Daniel
    Shepherd Robert
    Fraser Daniel
    Gage Robert
    Griffith Robert
    Hunter Daniel
    Jasper Daniel
    Jarrett Daniel
    Jett Daniel
    Jericho Robert
    Jude Robert
    Judah Robert
    Kai Robert
    Knox Daniel
    Kirby Robert
    Leo Robert
    Leif Robert
    Levi Robert
    Luke Robert
    Luca Daniel
    Liam Robert
    Malachi Robert
    Malachy Robert
    Micah Robert
    Murphy Robert
    Neil Robert
    Noel Robert
    Noah Robert
    Oliver Daniel
    Oskar Daniel
    Anders Daniel
    Lars Daniel
    Pax Daniel
    Porter Daniel
    Parker Daniel
    Tucker Daniel
    Piers Daniel
    Quincy Robert
    Rafferty Daniel
    Rainier Daniel
    Rhys Daniel
    Ross Daniel
    River Daniel
    Rory Daniel
    Rufus Daniel
    Ryder Daniel
    Samuel Robert
    Sawyer Daniel
    Sterling Robert
    Tate Daniel
    Tavis Daniel
    Thayer Daniel
    Thatcher Daniel
    Tanner Daniel
    Tierney Daniel
    Toby Daniel
    Trevor Daniel
    Travis Robert
    Walker Daniel
    Wilder Daniel
    Xavier Daniel
    Zachary Daniel

    Sorry, that was longer than I expected...
    Currently exiled from the US

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    Caspian Kaveh 郑煜祺 EDD: Oct '17

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