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Thread: Elke

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    I love Elke. It's on my list too. I've heard it pronounced both ways, but I prefer the El-kah pronunciation.

    Elke Pearl
    Elke Fern
    Elke Noor
    Elke Bay
    Elke Sage
    Elke Liegh
    Elke Wren
    Under construction...

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    It's definitely 'el-kah'. Like Lotte is 'lotta' and Anneliese is 'anna-leeza'.

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    Thanks for the feedback, seems to be a pretty positive response to the name. I'm thinking of def spelling it Elke, pronouncing it El-kah (I want to 'respect' the name IYKWIM) but am sure bub will get a whole lot of Elkie anyway, which I'm ok with.

    Also agreeing that something soft and feminine is the way to go with a middle name. My first reaction is Rose, I'd like something a little more familiar like that since Elke is a touch unfamiliar.

    Thanks for your advice (and feel free to keep it coming too!)

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    Elke is so cute and pretty! It sounds like it belongs in a fairytale or something. I like the "el-kah" pronounciation, and Elke Rose is really pretty!
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