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    How do you feel about the name Cleo?

    I already have two names picked for my little one. But I saw Cleo in my baby name book and think its actually quite cute. I added it to my back up list of names for if I change my mind or have another girl one day. I used to think Chloe sounded pretty it still does but it's just sort of lost its sparkle for me because of the popularity. Cleo is so almost like an inverted version of Chloe, kinda like Chloe with a twist.

    Also do you think Clio could work as a nick name for calliope?
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    I love the name Cleo/Clio... but to me its too short for a first name. I really like it as a nickname. I have been trying to figure out what Cleo/Clio could be a nickname for. I guess it could be a nickname for Calliope, but not my style. Reminds me of Cantaloupe. Also Cleopatra, Cleora, Cleona, Cleodora...

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    I just saw on a google search that Cleo is used as a nn for Clementine..

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    I just think of a fortune teller...

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    I love Cleo/Clio. It could work as a nn for Calliope, far more intriguing and imaginative than Callie

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