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    Names for a pet rabbit

    Hey, my partner and I are, hopefully, going to adopt two rabbits from a rescue centre. We're renaming them as they are only a few months old. The black male bunny has been named Sonic by my partner. The other rabbit is a girly and looks a bit like this one:

    We have no idea what to name her but I was thinking maybe a videogame name to go with Sonic.
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    Awww. Broken patterned bunnies are always so cute.

    I know almost nothing about video games, so the only names I know of are things like Zelda and Peach. Sorry I can't be more helpful. Sonic is also a fast food restaurant, so you could always name her Wendy.
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    Wendy would be adorable!
    How about:
    Daisy (Mario)
    Rian (Aeon Avengers)
    Rosalina (Super Mario Galaxy) My friend has a rabbit named Rosalina. And yes, it is after the video game character.
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