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    May 2013
    Living: Sevenoakes, Kent
    Last name: Yaldron
    Spouse 1: Megan
    Spouse 2: John
    Child 1 & 2: Rose Katherine Eira & Isla Beatrix Annabel
    Child 3: Amelia Lily Madeleine
    Child 4 & 5: Victoria Juliet Pearl & James Samuel Rupert
    Child 6: Sebastian Elliott Graham
    Child 7: Zachary Leo Alistair
    Child 8 & 9: Arabella Hazel Louise & Clara Frances Aoife
    Child 10 & 11: Joshua Reuben Isaac & Charlotte Olivia Jade

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    Xi'An, China
    The Keating family of Harpenden, Hertfordshire.

    DH: Hugh Augustus Keating
    DW: Leonora Poppy Keating, nee Dalrymple (hmm... had a childhood friend by this surname... never realized it's British)

    1. DS: Fraser Nicholas Keating
    2. DS: Toby Alexander Keating
    3. DD: Beatrice Pearl Keating
    4. DD: Althea Felicity Keating
    5. DS: Simon Barnaby Keating
    6. DD: Jessamine Arabella Keating
    7. DD: Bryony Pia Keating

    So, Hugh and Leonora Keating have Fraser, Toby, Bea, Thea, Simon, Jessa, and Bry.
    Currently exiled from the US

    Emiliana Pari 郑煜曈 '14
    Caspian Kaveh 郑煜祺 EDD: Oct '17

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    We live in Amersham, Buckinghamshire

    LN: Watson

    DW: Kristen Marie Knight (now Kristen Marie Watson)
    DH: Daniel 'Danny' Andrew Watson

    1st child: William 'Will' Michael Joseph
    2nd child: Jack Christopher Andrew
    3rd child: Eliza Alexandra Grace
    4th child: Daniel 'Danny' John Charles
    5th child: Fiona Rosalie Anna
    6th child: Jeremy Evan Adam
    7th child: Isaac Joshua Edward

    Kristen and Danny Watson had:
    "Will, Jack, Eliza, Danny, Fiona, Jeremy and Isaac"

    their house:6 bedroom detached house for sale in Amersham Road, CHESHAM BOIS, HP6
    master: Kristen and Danny
    bd1: Will and Jack
    bd2: Eliza
    bd3: Danny
    bd4: Fiona
    bd5: Jeremy and Isaac

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