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    tell me your favorite

    Hannia Corinne
    Hannia Nicole
    Carmen Nicole
    June Carmen


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    I like Hannia Corinne the best.

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    Hannia Corinne: I really like Hannia. It feels fresh without sounding made up. A lot of n's though.

    Hannia Nicole: I think Nicole is rather dated. I prefer the fresher Corinne. There's also the Hannia Nicole. I would do Hannia Nicolette instead.

    Carmen Nicole: Carmen feels more suited for a hispanic girl. I always get that vibe from the name. I don't really like the n ending of Carme and n beginning of Nicole. Carmen Nicole. I guess I never really like Carmen for a girl because it's "Car-men". It seemed masculine to me as a child. Not that I'd name a son Carmen.

    June Carmen: I like June with something sweet. Carmen doesn't seem that sweet to me. I think that maybe because both June and Carmen are structured that it doesn't work for me. By sweet, I mean lyrical and more vowely. That may just be a personal preference. Every single name you've chosen has an so that may be yours.

    In order of like:

    Hannia Corinne: beautiful!
    Hannia Nicole: prefer Nicolette but still rather stunning.
    June Carmen: sweet but rather structured.
    Carmen Nicole: pretty. I think the two syllables for both are turning me off. Carmen Nicole doesn't sound as beautiful as Hannia Corinne.

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