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Thread: Regarding Liv

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    Regarding Liv

    My husband and I love the name Liv; how it looks, sounds and its meaning. But Olivia made it to the top 10 again last year. Not to mention all the Alivia's and Olive's out there as well. How common a nickname is Liv going to be shortly, do you think?
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    I think it will be pretty common, especially if Olivia's in the top 10. But, if you love the name Liv, then go for it!
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    Sorry, I'm a bit confused- I thought Liv was pronounced "leev"? Not live as in "I live in Canada". My guess would be that even if nn'd Liv, Olivias would pronounce it like "live". Yes, close, but not quite the same to me.

    Liv (leev) is really cute and sweet; I'd love to meet one! The "live" pronunciation doesn't sound like a name so much as just a random word.
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    I assume you want to pronounce it LIVE as in Liv Tyler?

    I also really like this nickname! Of all the Olivia's I have met none seem to have a nickname! I would think that Livy would be more common for Olivias..

    I really like Liv as a name!!!
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    I know a lot of Olivia's and one Olive, and none of them go by Liv. They all just use Olivia in full, (and I sometimes call Olive "Ollie".) I don't think you would run into it that much. Liv by itself is distinctive and very pretty. I very much prefer it to Olivia, and I say go for it!
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