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Thread: Too strange?

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    Too strange?

    I have become really attached to the name Ray lately and can totally see it as the name of a second son if I ever have one. The thing is though, that I'm not sure if I'd use just Ray. I thought of Raymond and I like that but I asked my husband and he said "It's okay, I wouldn't hate it if we used it" which means I could use it but I'd want a better reaction to it than that from him. So anyway I recently found Rayner and I really like it but have not suggested it to my husband yet because I'm not sure if it would be considered weird by the average person.

    What do you think of the name Rayner, is it weird?
    I also found Rainer, which I like the look of better, but it is pronounced RY-ner, so I couldn't use the nn Ray. Actually I think I like Rainer too, is Rainer too weird? would everyone call him ray-ner either way? What image do you get for Ray? Rayner? Rainer?

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    I also love the nn Ray, altho when i was looking at it i was looking for girl names that could result in the nn ray.

    Ive known ppl who just have the name Ray, but if you want a longer version i think Rayner is the best, Rainer i would pronounce Rain-er

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    I know a girl in her mid-twenties named Rayner. I think it's super awesome and sounds wonderful (better, actually) on a boy. Rainer still looks like rain-er to me so I'd go ahead and use the nn Ray.
    Ray is pretty much locked in as the middle name for our future firstborn. It's my husband's middle and his dad and granddad, ect. He's at least a 5th generation "Ray". Ray on it's own is NMS but It's not hard to work with as a middle and for you, it's very charming as a part of Rayner/Rainer.

    Nice choice! Best of luck!

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    I prefer Raymond, Rayner/Rainer just looks and sounds trendy. Also I would say Rainer as Rain-er, and Rayner as Ray-ner, so there is a slight pn difference for me.

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    I much prefer Rayner/Rainer to Raymond. Of the two spellings, I prefer Rainer. I like the look of it as well.
    And just reading it, I pronounced it as Rain-er as well and (at least when I say them)Rainer and Rayner have no distinction whatsoever, so I think the nickname Ray would hold true for either spelling. However, if you say it differently than you would Rayner, I would stick with Rayner.
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