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Thread: Opinions Please

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    I like Eve nn Evie

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    Thanks for all the opinions and awesome names that Evie can be used as a nickname!

    I especially like Evangeline, Genevieve, and Eve!

    Thanks again berries!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sarahmezz View Post
    I know there are plenty of Evies out there with no formal first name, but I'm a big believer in putting a formal first name on a birth certificate and using a nickname if you wish. There are some beautiful names that could use Evie as a nickname. Several have been mentioned above, but my personal favourites are Eva, Evangeline and Evelyn. I agree with Daisy, Evie is quite a childish name and mightn't sound very grown up on an adult.
    Ditto for me! Would rather have the best of both worlds. Genevieve or Evelyn would be my favorite way to get to Evie.

    Sylvie might be another option.
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