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Thread: Wilder?

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    We've finally found a name we both love, Wilder, but I'm wondering if you all think it's too country/if that would necessarily be a bad thing. Opinions?

    If we do go with it, we need some middle name help. We were thinking about using Crew as a middle name before, but now that we've found Wilder I think that Wilder Crew is way too much (at least for my style). Suggestions? MY favorites list included Avery (he hates), Owen, Brady, Lyle (he hates), Ronan, Nathan. His was Crew, Gage, Reid, Walker, Blake, Julian. He liked Nathaniel too, but I only like Nathan, which he doesn't like. Ugh!

    So, we've decided to just throw out our lists and look for new middle names. One that I found is Lazarus. Totally out there compared to my other favorites, but what are your opinions? I'm really liking Wilder Lazarus right now! Haven't run it by him yet though...

    Thanks for the help

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    I really like Wilder and I think Wilder Nathaniel is my pick from all the names you have mentioned.

    I also think Lazarus Wilder would be pretty amazing, even though Lazarus is not normally my style.

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    How about Wilder Nate? Other names, based off of both of your lists you might like are:

    Wilder Hayes
    Wilder Rory
    Wilder Grant
    Wilder Cruz
    Wilder Julius
    Wilder Hudson
    Wilder Ethan
    Wilder Brody
    Wilder Kyle
    Wilder Rowan
    Wilder Wyatt
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    I like Wilder Lazarus better than Wilder Crew but I also like Wilder Reid.

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    I was going to vote for Wilder Reid. It sounds good together.

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