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Thread: Pandora

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    I'm not pregnant, just thinking!

    I absolutely love the name Pandora for a little girl, but because of Pandora's box I get mixed feelings about it!

    Any opinions? And what are some cute middle names and sibling names for a little Pandora?

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    Re: Pandora

    I don't think I can help you solve your dilemma because I share it. I've always loved Pandora but wondered if it is usable or one of those too-much-of-a-burden-for-a-child-to-bear names. I don't know because that category of names is being re-examined now and several choices once thought way too over the top are now in play. Will Pandora be one of them? I don't know.

    The plus side is the sounds are pretty together and the nn possibilities plentiful and cute. I love Panda and Pansy as nns, while others are going to adore Dory and Dot.

    The down side, and I'm not sure how much of a downer, is that in mythology "Pandora" symbolizes chaos unleashed.

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    Re: Pandora

    I absolutely love Pandora. It's absolutely wonderful, and just plain gorgeous.

    I love the nicknames Pansy and Dora, which are very sweet, and could also work at almost any age. I know I definitely wouldn't use it, but I do love it as a middle name. It's one of those names which would be fabulous to hear on somebody else's child, just not on your own.

    Oh, and I think that someone has already pointed it out, but in mythology 'to open Pandora's Box' means to unleash evil which cannot be undone. It's a shame.
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    Re: Pandora

    I adore Pandora! It's one of my absolute favorite guilty pleasures. I don't know if I'd be brave enough to use it but I'd definitely use it in the mn spot. It's so sweet and I think Pandy is actually a cute nickname, although I'd have her go by Pandora

    Even though she is a negative character in the myth, the meaning of the name is lovely. "all gifted". That's just what I'd want for my daughter: )
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    Re: Pandora

    I love it (and the nickname Pan), but it has a very corporate feel to me right now because of the ubiquitous website/app.
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