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    Suggestions please! Can't decide on middle names...

    I am due in 4 weeks and am still looking for some name suggestions for middle names. If this is a girl (sex currently unknown) our top 2 names are:

    1. Maeve
    2. Violet (or spelled "Violette" - opinions on the spelling wanted too! We do have French and Irish heritage and our kids will be in French school, though English speaking at home).

    I already have a daughter (22 mnths) named Hazel Grace. Looking for middle name suggestions for Maeve and Violet. Our last name starts with a "G".

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    We have some ideas, but not quite sure that any of them work that well:

    Maeve (Violet, Vera, Gwyneth, Guinevere, Milliscent, Amelie, Mathilda)
    Violet (Maeve, Vera, June, Cosette)

    Thank you for your ideas in advance!

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    Both your top 2 names are gorgeous!

    Combo Ideas

    Maeve Iris
    Maeve Elizabeth
    Maeve Fiona
    Maeve Ruth (Hmmm... but this kind of reminds me of Babe Ruth so maybe not this one)
    Maeve Elise
    Maeve Eleanor
    Maeve Margaret

    Violet June
    Violet Susanna
    Violet Marie
    Violet Daphne
    Violet Evelyn
    Violet Odette

    I hope some of these help! Ooh, and love your other little girls name, Hazel Grace rocks!

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    Thanks so much for your suggestions. Love Violet Evelyn, and Daphne too. Some great ideas.

    Thanks again!

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    My Maeve (almost 8 years old) is Maeve Isabel. I can't make recommendations for Violet, since I am soooo hoping you pick Maeve. Hahaha!

    Good luck!

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    Ooooh, I think Maeve Isabel is gorgeous! I also love Violet Amelia.

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