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    Does this name work on a little blonde girl??

    I'm not pregnant (Yet) but would like to be soon. I am mommy to a beautiful 4 year old boy named Toby, full name Tobias Kevin. I'm dreaming of having another baby, and of course have already been obsessing over names. My question is this: I really love the name Tiana, and would probably use the nn Tia...but my husband and I are both German-descent, blonde haired, fair skinned people. We were both towheads as kids, and our son followed in our footsteps, so I'm positive any child we had would have blonde hair and light skin. So, does Tiana work on a blonde haired girl? I think I'm thinking about the Disney princess, who was African-American, and my friend Tiana, who is half Chinese/half Hawaiian and very exotic looking. I love the name, but I'm just not sure it works. Thoughts?

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