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Thread: This or that

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    Ashlyn or Alana. If Alana is pronounced uh-lay-nuh, that would be my choice (though I would spell it Elena)...if not, I would choose Ashlyn.
    Fallon or Cleo...Cleo. Fallon is unattractive
    Libby or Faye...Libby, no question. Faye is an old woman's name.
    Carlotta or Roxanna...Carlotta. But don't really like either
    Kira or Kira!
    Danielle or Gemma...Danielle.
    Rosa or Willa....rosa. I guess.
    Roxanne or Angelique....neither
    Ruby or Anna...ruby! Anna is boring.
    Celine or Shannon!
    Sybil or Adelaide...Adelaide, though I hate the nn addy
    Deborah or the, both, but I have a sweet spot for Susannah!
    Caitlyn or Morgan...Caitlyn. Though I prefer the Caitlin spelling
    Cassandra or Evangeline...Evangeline. Frilly, but fresher than Cassandra. (Oh, and I like the leen pronunciation, not the line one)
    Stella or Aurora... Aurora. I don't see what people see in Stella
    Jolie/Joely or Lacey...Jolie. I love the meaning, "pretty"
    Lola or Freya...neither.
    Rebecca or Claudia...Rebecca. Beautiful.
    Katria or Jetta...neither
    Etta or Cara. Cara! If pronounced care-uh, it is on my list and I love it!
    Abigail or Lauren...Lauren. Love this name! I would call it a perfect name. Timeless and gorgeous!
    Tia or Lydia...Lydia
    Kyrie or it pronounced Keer-ee-ay (rhymes with say?). I like kyrie.
    Morgana or Adela....neither.
    Livia or Bianca...Bianca. Lovely.
    Summer or Juliet...summer. It seems Juliet is becoming more popular lately
    Cathleen or Colleen...Cathleen
    Genevieve or Eleanor...Genevieve! Love it in full, and the nns for it. I do like Eleanor though too.
    Hazel or Sky....neither
    Amber or Hannah...Hannah. Classic beauty

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