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    I live in a rural area of Canada and actually have met two Tiana's. Both very fair/white so I would never tie the name into someone being 'exotic.' I think Tia is a super cute nickname. My cousin has a daughter named Tia.
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    I agree, while Tiana is somewhat associated with darker/exotic looking women and girls, because of both the disney movie and the fact that I think it is a bit more common in minority groups in the US (African American, Hispanic, AND South Asian...I'm just basing that on where I've heard the name), it's also a really common name or nickname in a lot of Eastern European groups, so I've seen it on white/pale/blonde women as well.

    I wouldn't think twice if I saw it on a little blonde child.
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    I think it'd be darling on a blonde girl, it brings to mind gold crowns with sparkling clear jewels.

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    I grew up with a Tiana who was from a large Mormon family. They were all tall, blue-eyed and fair haired. And they all had names that upon hearing it, you would never picture on girls like them. There was also a Tashina and a Briana (Bree-Aw-Nuh). I always thought it was a bit strange. They just never seemed to fit the girls. Not that they were bad names, I just think certain names suit people from different cultures or backgrounds better. But that's just my opinion.
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    It really bothers me that the second a name is worn by a prominent person or character of color people start wondering if it's "unusable" for a white kid. This just reminds me way too much of the One Drop Rule.
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