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    I really like Dahlia Pearl!
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    I think Dahlia is really pretty! Another idea is Delilah, they sound alike, but personally, I like Dahlia more, just wanted to throw the other out there.
    I'm not a fan of Darling, it's cute for a little girl, but how about an adult? Maybe not. Also, if you name your daughter something darling, what if you have another daughter? Would you feel the need to include another cutesy name?
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    I know a lovely woman named Darla and there's also Darleen.

    Dara/Darrah is one of my favorite names, though I know it's not everyone's cup of tea.

    Margot is a great suggestion.

    There's also Arlita, which is a fun combo of both.
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    Dahlia is perfect! Dahlia Pearl and Dahlia Josephine Marie/Pearl are beautiful. And Dahlia is such a neat and stylish way to honour a Darl.

    I also forgot to say, Louisa/Louise are lovely with your names too, if you think they were Darl's middle names. Using Louisa/Louise and Marie together would be nice as you have both your grandma's middle names in there- maybe Josephine Louisa Marie or Caroline Marie Louise or just Marie Louisa?
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    Rita and Marie are actually my grandmothers names which my mother combined for my sister's MN Marita which we often call her (or Maritza when she is being sassy) Greta, Margita, or Margo could also work. As for Darl, do you like Darla at all? Darla Marie could be a cute double name.

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