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    I adore Lilith (ghost/night monster) I'm just floored a name that could be considered fairly controversial and has negative pop culture references (and is almost synonymous with female Lucifer in those contexts) jumped so much.
    Seriously, the TrueBlood and Supernatural characters can't be responsible for this bump can they? I'm I missing an important positive Lilith out there? (She went from 923 to 820 - I know barely there but still.)
    Couple things I've heard from people:

    1) The people who just want a long form for Lily. Or say "but Lily is so popular" and don't really know much of anything about Lilith. I've heard it spun as a less-popular Lillian and not as sweet as Lilibet. This isn't really my association but I've heard it a few times and I found it interesting.

    2) Some (Masorti or Reform mostly, not Orthodox) Jewish people regard Lilith as a bit of a feminist or at least multi-faceted character. That was my formative encounter with Lilith, Adam's first wife who would not be subservient to him.

    It's been on my list for ages. And I'm not the sort of person that would use Jezebel or Delilah. Delilah's doing pretty well on the charts but it's never been palatable to me.

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