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    I have not spent much time reading the entire list yet, but I thought I'd add a note on one of our daughter's names (who happens to be a 2012 baby!) - Coraline entered the top 1000 for the first time ever! #823 with 324 babies. Wow!
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    Quote Originally Posted by elizabeth_rose View Post
    The biggest surprise to me was Matilda jumping from 769 to 658. I was expecting her to climb around 50 spots, but 111 is a rather huge leap.
    Matilda didn't surprise me as much as Lilith. up 103 spots.
    With the musical and Matilda being a fairly well known children's book heroine I can see people feeling comfortable with it.

    I adore Lilith (ghost/night monster) I'm just floored a name that could be considered fairly controversial and has negative pop culture references (and is almost synonymous with female Lucifer in those contexts) jumped so much.
    Seriously, the TrueBlood and Supernatural characters can't be responsible for this bump can they? I'm I missing an important positive Lilith out there? (She went from 923 to 820 - I know barely there but still.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by east93 View Post
    Jensen Ackles is quite the rage, I'm not aware of any other Jensens.
    Jensen Button. English formula one racing driver. He's famous here and anywhere formula one is popular.

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    Wow great link!
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    What's with this boys' name Gael? From #407 to #146. That's a huge jump. Strange.

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