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    pronounciation of Este?

    Hello Berries,
    I'm really liking a new band called Haim at the moment (well, they are new to me at least, but i might be hopelessly out of the loop with these things!). They are 3 sisters from California, and the lead singer is called Este. As far as I know, its not short for anything, its just Este- how would you pronounce that? I'm assuming its either like Est (1syllable) or Est-ay. How would you pronounce it? Have you heard it before?
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    I would pronounce it "ess-tay" with two syllables (like Estée Lauder cosmetics). It's an Italian place name and surname of a noble family.
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    I pronounce it es-teh. It almost sounds like es-tay but it stops short of the ay sound.

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    If I saw it I would pronounce is es-teh (like the letters, S.T.)
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    It may be short for "Estelle". Though I would look at Este and likely think the accent was missing as it looks French, as mentioned, maybe from the Estée Lauder reference. Est on it's own means East in French. I actually prefer it with the accent.

    Good luck!

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