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    Naming #3: Names for Avery Lynn and Lyla Ann's sister

    Hello fellow Nameberry enthusiasts:
    If my last child is a boy, he will most likely be named Alexander James.
    If it's a girl, my husband is not as adventurous as me. I'm looking for a name that us classically beautiful with a vintage feel. I like the list below:
    Estelle Renee
    Silvia Renee
    Sylvia Renee
    Sylvie Renee
    I would love some feedback for my current favoritesin combination with my other daughters' names.

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    1. Avery, Lila and Estelle
    2. Avery, Lila and June
    3. Avery, Lila and Charlotte
    4. Avery, Lila and Sylvie

    Lucy is a bit too cutesy with your other two. Sylvie works better with your sib set than Sylvia, although both are beautiful options.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks for the reply! I'm currently in love with Avery, Lyla, and Sylvie! I like Sylvie better than Sylvia. Any other suggestions or do you fully support that? My husband doesn't love it but if I say it enough while pregnant, he will get used to it! Lol

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    June - This one is sweet and cute, I like it with her sisters. June Silvia and June Estelle are lovely.
    Estelle Renee - Estella is so much more gorgeous to me, what with the Dickens pedigree. I'm not the biggest fan of Renee; there are much lovelier French names out there. How about Estella June, Estella Valerie, Estella Charlotte?
    Silvia Renee - Nicer spelling, but I still don't love the sound.
    Sylvia Renee - All of the letters in Lyla's name are found in Sylvia's...Plus, Sylvia is just not as pretty to me.
    Sylvie Renee - Nicknamey.
    Charlotte - Meh. It's too popular and has the word "harlot" in it.
    Mischa - I love this, and can't decide whether I like it for a boy or a girl better. I actually really like it with siblings Avery and Lyla as well. Mischa June, Mischa Lucy and Mischa Jade are all superb.
    Lucy - Lucy is cute, but not in the same style as the others.
    Jude - Did you mean Jade? Jude is a boys' name.
    Eleanor - Lovely and stately, but too formal for Avery and Lyla.
    Valerie - Makes me think of the Amy Winehouse song. I like this better as a middle name.
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    I think estelle works the best but I have to admit i fell like suggesting another l & a name to match alyhought itd be over doing it

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