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    Suggestions please! Can't decide on middle names...

    I am due in 4 weeks and am still looking for some name suggestions for middle names. If this is a girl (sex currently unknown) our top 2 names are:

    1. Maeve
    2. Violet (or spelled "Violette" - opinions on the spelling wanted too! We do have French and Irish heritage and our kids will be in French school, though English speaking at home).

    I already have a daughter (22 mnths) named Hazel Grace. Looking for middle name suggestions for Maeve and Violet. Our last name starts with a "G".

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    We have some ideas, but not quite sure that any of them work that well:

    Maeve (Violet, Vera, Gwyneth, Guinevere, Milliscent, Amelie, Mathilda)
    Violet (Maeve, Vera, June, Cosette)

    Thank you for your ideas in advance!

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