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  • Anne

    9 60.00%
  • Arya/Aria

    3 20.00%
  • Raia/Raya

    3 20.00%
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    Middle name help for Penelope

    Hello all. Our little girl is due in 6 weeks. We've decided on the first name Penelope and the middle name is still up in the air. Our last name begins with a J and is two syllables. Contenders are:

    Anne (like because only one syllable and honors a family member)
    Arya/Aria (like sound and because of the strong female character in Game of Thrones)
    Raia/Raya (like sound and because it honors three family members with the name Ray/Rae)

    If none of those fit your fancy, what else comes to mind? Thanks for your help!

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    I love Penelope Anne! It is so pretty, sweet, and classy.
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    Penelope Anne is precious. Have you considered Penelope Rae? Very pretty, still honors family, but the one syllable flows better with the 4 syllable Penelope.
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    I like Penelope Anne the most. I think the suggestion of Penelope Rae is a nice one too.

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    Thanks all! I agree that one syllable seems to be best. Anne just feels a bit boring. We don't like the name Rae, so that's why we thought of Raia/Raya.

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