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    Asher Luke/ Luke Asher-

    Working on hubby on the name Asher. I just LOVE that name, and I think it fits nicely with Jonah, Levi and Isaiah... Hubby says he really doesn't want to use his name as a middle name (Giovanni) in a boy's name... I can't understand why...he only said, he thought the boy should have his own name... so going out on a limb and looking at other options to present...what are thoughts on...
    Asher Luke ???? Or Luke Asher??
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    Although I love both match-ups, I think I prefer Asher Luke. To me at least, it flows better and I think works with your last name. Also, Asher does work better with Jonah, Levi, and Isaiah than Luke.

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    Luke is more my style (I have a Paul, Mark, and James) but I think Asher fits your style better.
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    I think Asher goes quite a bit better with your sibset than Luke. Asher isn't my favorite name in the world (though I understand the appeal), but with Jonah, Levi and Isaiah it does kind of fit to perfection.

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