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    Do you think Theron would get the nick name terry?

    My former step dads name was terry and my mother in laws name is Terri I hate it.

    I love Theron though. It means hunter. And it's still pretty rare.

    I thought Theo would be a cute nick name but wanted to see which one others thought was the more logical nick name terry or theo?

    Pronounced like it rhymes with Sharon or Aaron begins with a th sound like in bath.

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    I pronounce it with a soft 'th' so I wouldn't get Terry. And I don't like Terry either.

    Theo would work, and so would Ronnie. If you call him by a different nickname, he'll go by it, and correct people who try to call him Terry.
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    I don't think Theron would get the nickname Terry naturally ('Theory' would be easier to get to than Terry), Theo would be much more intuitive, it seems to me.

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